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My First Fan

2013-11-17 01:42:47 by KachiNoNai

not sure whether to be thankful or pity the poor bastard


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2013-11-17 04:15:00

You will not stand alone friend ;]

KachiNoNai responds:

“He went extinct for your sins to save you from Satanasaurus Rex”
~ Cretaceous 3:27 <3


2013-11-17 11:32:22

And I have 32 undeserved fans...
I'm still in the position too if I should be thankful or pity them... xD


2013-11-17 15:39:07

@awegan2cffcka that's the spirit :D i'm the 3rd

KachiNoNai responds:

“The Corinthians' third letter to Raptor Jesus came back slashed and stained with blood.”
~ The DiploPope <3